Our services

Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies (BRING) is nonprofit organization for the development of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions.
In the quest to achieve these goals, BRING offers various services to attain a greener future.

Battery modeling
  • Digital twin solution for battery system
  • Modular BMS software and SoX estimation algorithms
  • AI algorithms to enable fast charging
  • Battery ageing models using AI algorithms
  • Intelligent EMS for automotive and grid application
  • Cloud solutions
Battery mechanical and thermal design
  • Modular and eco-design of battery system
  • Innovative thermal management system for
    different applications
  • HVAC design
  • Cell-to-pack design
Prototyping of energy storage solutions
  • Cell selection
  • Conceptual and eco-design of battery system for stationary, marine and e-mobility application
  • In house analysis of battery characterization and test procedures
Fuel cells and hydrogen storage
  • Development and adoption of cost-effective, high-performance fuel cell systems for automotive and stationary applications
  • Engineering services based on models, tools, designs, prototyping and testing
  • Cost assessment • Benchmarking
  • Training

Our services in images

  • Battery
  • Voiture
  • Cloud service illustration
  • Batteries for car
  • Graphic image of a car battery