Brussels Research and Innovation center for Green technologies (BRING).

What we offer.

Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies (BRING) is a nonprofit organization for the development of green and sustainable technologies and solutions. Research and development of various rechargeable energy storage systems and energy technologies for Lightweight and Heavy-duty vehicles, electric vessels and utility scales.

R&D center

Reliable and fast-growing R&D center with an ecosystem of more than 65 partners.

Next generation battery for maritime/waterborne sector

Cutting edge center for e-mobility on maritime / waterborne sector.

Next generation battery for e-mobility and stationary applications

Development of next-generation battery systems supported by multi-scale mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence solutions.

Different research areas

Different research areas in the field of green technologies such as fuel cells, lightweight materials, hydrogen storage, automated vehicles, and drones.


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Discover our services

For the development of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions, Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies (BRING) presents several services. BRING offers the following services:

  • Battery Modelling.
  • Battery Mechanical and Thermal Design.
  • Prototyping of Energy Storage Solutions.
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Storage.

Let’s meet and talk about your solutions.

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